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Poison Seed cover

The Poison Seed - A Personal History of Nazi Germany

by Marianne Walter

Foreward by Llin Golding MP

Published by the Book Guild, 1992
ISBN 0 86332 645 5

A quarter of a century after World War II, a young German neighbour in Sheffield asked my husband and me: "Why did our parents do the things they did do?" It was this question that triggered off the writing of this book. Germany was a highly cultured disciplined modern state. How could the minds of a whole generation be poisoned?

Marianne Walter wanted to answer these questions by writing her own poignant story. Born in 1910, she remembers the outbreak of the First World War. She was, in 1935, one of the last two Jewish students permitted to graduate in architecture in Berlin.

The Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board has put this book in its recommended reading list for A-level history.

"... sensitivity and the ability to see with the eyes of others distinguish this book." Helga Lengwenus in the General-Anzeiger (Bonn) 30 June 1992

"... an illuminating illustration of what the larger picture could mean for a single individual caught up in the vast human tragedy brought about by Nazi anti-semitism." Richard Evans in the Jewish Chronicle (London) 27 March 1992

"... poignant and moving reading... significantly topical..." Dorothy Fleming in the Journal of the British Federation of University Women Graduates, June 1993.

This book was published in the UK in 1992 for £12.50 (about 17 US dollars). I can supply you with a copy for £7 including 2nd-class post in the UK. I have compiled an index, which was not included in the printed book. For further details or for postage elsewhere please send me an email..
The book may be available in your library or bookshop. However, it is out of print and I have the remaining copies. (The author, my mother, died in 2009, aged 99.)

Oliver Walter

List of contents

Chapter 1 Arthur
Chapter 2 A German Childhood
Chapter 3 Shadows
Chapter 4 Bonn
Chapter 5 Heinrich Vogeler
Chapter 6 Interval in Ascona
Chapter 7 Towards Architecture
Chapter 8 Black and White
Chapter 9 An Aryan Superman
Chapter 10 The Boycott
Chapter 11 Visitors
Chapter 12 A German Dreyfus
Chapter 13 A Walk with Friedel
Chapter 14 Short Work
Chapter 15 The Sale
Chapter 16 Who is Safe?
Chapter 17 With Forbat in Hungary
Chapter 18 In No-Man's Land
Chapter 19 Exit from Berlin
Chapter 20 A Summing Up
List of Illustrations

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