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The Association of Children of Jewish Refugees was formed in 1985. Its aims are:-

Those who may not feel entirely at home in the mainstream Anglo-Jewish environment often find that, at the ACJR, they can discover common links and a sense of kinship.

Although the link that binds us is our common continental heritage and our parents' refugee backgrounds, a wide range of outlooks is to be found within this shared framework in attitudes to Germany, to our Central and East European culture and in religious observance and belief (or lack of it). This may simply reflect the diversity of our parents' experiences: from the luckier ones who escaped relatively lightly with their immediate families intact, to those who left on the Kindertransporte and those who survived the camps. In one member's view: "It is only to be expected that our parents' histories have been such a strong influence on our lives: the ACJR allows people to share their thoughts and feelings with others who seem to understand almost before a word has been uttered".

The ACJR's activities include:

Most of our members live in the Greater London area of the UK, and most of our activities are also in this area, but we also have a few members elsewhere in the UK and overseas. Members receive a monthly newsletter that contains a variety of material including articles by members and announcements of events.

We warmly welcome new members. You can join as a full member if either of your parents was a victim of Nazi persecution. The membership year runs from January to December and full membership currently costs 17.50 pounds Sterling per year.

If you are interested send us an email: info @ acjr.org.uk

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